Danish Farming Consultants Sp z o.o. in Rzeczyce exists since 1 July 1995; the company was created on the basis of the former PGR Gliwice (State Agricultural Farm). This is 100% Danish capital company, with Property leased from Agencja Nieruchomości Rolnych (Agricultural Property Agency).
We are one of the biggest pigs farm in Poland. We produce, using a closed cycle, up to 60,000 pieces of hundred kg fattening pigs per annum. They feature with large meat content in carcass, therefore they find approval among famous meat processing companies with the region but not only there.
Beside animal production, we deal with agricultural production. Using 1,250 ha, we grow barley, wheat, maize, rape as well as rye. The most part of plant production is used to produce fodder for our pigsty. We sell rape and rye every year. At present, DFC employs 60 employees.

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We offer for sale pigs from a breeding system using the latest achievements in the field of genetics.
Danish genetics - DANBRED - is characterized by a very high quality of meat. The annual production of slaughter pigs is 70,000.

Prices are negotiable.

delivery terms

Delivery terms

In accordance with epidemiologic thread to swine herd, the principles of bio-assurance are obligatory at the whole farm area; all suppliers are obliged to preserve them.

  1. Every transportation mean while entering the farm area has to pass the disinfection mate poured with disinfection agent as well as additionally vehicle wheels and chassis must be disinfected by porter by means of manual sprayer.
  2. A driver of entering vehicle (tractor) has to wear a disposable suit as well as to change shoes. If there is no absolute necessity, only one person should enter inside – a driver of transport vehicle. This person should restrict moving within the farm area to indispensable minimum.
  3. Any unplanned entries could only be performed after filing for registration in the office and receiving consent of Manager.
  4. Representatives (drivers) collecting pigs receive the carrier documents at gatehouse after they walk over the disinfection mate.
  5. The indispensable time without contact with other swine/wild boars before a guest enters the farm is 72 hours.

Danish Farming Consultants Sp z o.o.
Rzeczyce, ul. Piaskowa 16,
44-164 Gliwice

TEL: 032/ 270 15 79,
FAX: 032/ 270 15 97

NIP 631-10-21-786,
VATUE PL6311021786,
REGON 272617540, KRS 0000108449

The District Court in Gliwice,
X Commercial Department of National Court Register
capital of 3 483 000 PLN

Chief Executive Officer-Member of the Board
Anna Kwiecińska

Manager of animal production
Dawid Wyszyński and Piotr Wasiak

Manager of crop production
John Rasmussen

Technical manager
Michał Spyrka

Data Protection Supervisor

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